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    В south sorts of apples there are to 15% sugars and about 0,5% acids. There is less sugar and more acids in north apples, but as compared to south they richer by the vitamin of S. All apples are rich in mineral matters. On terms, ripening is distinguished by the sorts of pears summer, ripening usually in July - August, autumn sorts of pears which ripen September, and winter, дозревающие already shelf-life.

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    In of all citrus garden-stuffs thick enough hide. There are 1/4 parts of all fruit on its stake. Almost all essential oils which add the special aroma to citrus are concentrated in it. The hide of citrus is rich in sugars, vitamins, mineral matters. In a hide there are not only acids which are concentrated in fruit pulp.
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    It follows from new recommendations of government of the USA, that 5 portions of green-stuffs and fruit in the day of, possibly, insufficient. Adults need 7-13 portions in a day, that to get...
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    Vegetables it is desirable to lay in boiling water. In a calaboose the vitamin С is oxidable.
    Else to put the slice of carrot or lemon under the lid of jar with mustard or on the cut of sausage that...


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