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    By a motherland tomatoes there is South America, where Peruvian
    American Indians knew this plant yet 2500 thousand years back, and named him «tomal»,
    that is translated as a «large berry». The Spanish colonialists brought a tomato in
    Europe in a 16 age from purpose of growing in hothouses as decorative

    Помидор yet long time was examined as decorative
    plant, and in Germanium he became a room even. In France he was as the best
    decoration of arbours, and in Russia of him long grew in hothouses among liquid
    of colors. The garden-stuffs of tomato did not consume long time, counting him
    uneatable. People were convinced, that a fruit with the bright red colouring contains
    strong poison. Overcame fear before a tomato Italians which appropriated
    to the plant new word «Pomo of д оро», that a gold apple meant in translation. From
    of the national Italian kitchen tomato which got confession in other countries,
    spread on all Europe.

    В It was equated Russia of him with a vegetable only in a 18 age and steel of
    to grow everywhere. Wild types of this plant seven is counted
    of varieties which are widespread along the Pacific coast of South
    of America, and also in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and on the islands of

    Tomato it is heat-loving plants, even the small freezings of
    zgubni for tomatoes. To the word to say, for tomatoes also harmful and
    surplus temperature of near-by air. At a temperature over 30 degrees in
    of tomatoes do not take place self-pollination of colors and an ovary does not appear. A tomato of
    is a valuable food product, what rich in vitamins, pectin
    by matters, sugars, mineral salts and organic acids.

    В a tomato is recommended a medical purpose at anaemia, for
    of excitation of appetite and as an anticorbutic mean. A tomato is useful also and
    for men, because he reduces the risk of disease of shrine of передміхурової gland.

    Category: Vegetables | Added by: Joni-Jo (18 May 2009)
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    This guy is correct. I've been giwnrog tomatoes and peppers for almost a decade, and his advice will save you years of screwing around. If you can afford to not be cheap, don't be cheap. Make CRW (concrete reinforcement wire ) cages or get the Texas Tomato Cages. CRW cages rust, are hard to store and look like crap after a year or two, but they work well. The Texas Tomato Cages have a high initial cost, but will save you time and money in the long run. Plus, they don't rust.

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