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Friday, 24 Mar 2017, 11:53 PM

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    Oh useful properties of cucumbers talked yet large
    the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates. Veduni on a cucumber extract as
    was recommended Rus effective mean at many illnesses. A cucumber is considered an ancient culture,
    which it was first begun to cultivate in Indium.

    Cucumber, it is an one-year plant with three-cornered rough by leaves and воронковидными by раздельнополыми flowers. Today a cucumber is most widespread among green-stuffs, he a long ago and with success cultivated in many countries of the world. Cucumbers cultivated in a moist climate have one feature for deleting from the organism of superfluous moisture. Their youths prolate garden-stuffs are covered little шипиками which pump out superfluous moisture from a fruit. In morning clock, when fog appears, on the garden-stuffs of cucumber on the end of every thorn of appears drops which are superfluous moisture shown out of fruit.

    Today medicine, that cucumber extract extraordinarily useful to the organism. A cucumber appeases thirst perfectly, removes dryness in to the mouth during illness, instrumental in cleaning of organism, favourably influences on of digestion. A cucumber in itself is very rich in water. Him a cellulose is saturated by moisture of makes about 97 percents from general mass of fruit. Extraordinarily nourishing, that causes feeling of satiety quickly, a cucumber belongs to of digit of low-caloric products, why is more insistent recommended дієтологами to the use at obesity. It is set that one glass from contains an ice-cream in 15 times more calories, what even on mass amount of of cucumbers.

    Cucumber absolutely deprived to the smell. They do not select resolutely of no aromatizers. Excitant appetite a smell appears during of chemical reactions. Cucumbers are rich in linolic acid, which owns by ability to enter into a reaction with enzymes which are contained in cucumber juice.
    However much such reaction can flow exceptionally in presence oxygen.
    That is why acid disintegrates almost instantly, it costs only to cut a cucumber or
    it is simple to injure him dense hide.

    В result of decomposition of acid appears enzymes great number of aldehydes which own a cucumber smell just and. Healthful considered properties of cucumber: высокопитательность at small calorie content and riches by the vitamins of different groups.

    Category: Vegetables | Added by: Joni-Jo (18 May 2009)
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    For the love of God, keep wrtiing these articles.

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