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    Carrot well knows to all garden plant. A carrot of is to one of basic sowing cultures. The root crops of carrot are very rich in vitamins, especially by a carotin (by a provitamin And). A carrot contains essential oils also, adding carrot specific smell.

    In culture they was entered about 4000 years ago in the countries of of Mediterranean. It was at first a medical plant, but through which that
    time began to be used as a food and feed plant.

    Carrot it 2th years with the certain cycle of development. In the first year there is growth of edible root under earth and appearance of wall outlet from of leaves on-the-spot. In the second year of their root a stem grows with inflorescence and by leaves. At the end of summer, at the beginning of autumn from colors shallow ribbed appear garden-stuffs. The root crop of carrot contains pectin matters, vitamins, mineral of salt, oligoelementss and very plenty of sugar which is to 15 of percents from mass of root crop. Especially much in the carrot of provitamin And, for of content of which a plant excels all last cultures.

    Вместе with that calorie content of carrot is low, that allows it
    considered a dietary product. Each contain a 100 gramme of carrot 33 kkal, and
    it in 10 times is less calorie content of попкорна and in 13 times less calorie content of
    of pastries. Physicians advise to use a carrot to the persons, feel like an overstrain,
    to the women during pregnancy and lactation, to the sick children.

    Морковь since olden times is famous the healthful force and used
    in folk medicine for treatment of ulcers, burns, frost-bites and other wounds. The carrot of
    is very useful at the decline of sharpness of sight. This vegetable is also able to bring through
    bilestone and cuttingstone illness.

    Last time popularity of carrot grew, a carrot had become
    used as additions in some perfume wares, creams and
    losen. A vegetable began to be used and in food industry, where from him
    began to make carrot juice.

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