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    Persimmon of

    Wild date of , a date plum of is a foliferous of sort of Diospyros (lat. it is a "meal of gods") with large помаранчевими beautiful garden-stuffs. Fruit - fleshy 2-10-seminal berry.

    Bol'sh 200 kinds. One of popular sorts there is «Kinglet».

    The motherland of origin is, for to many assertions, China. The most ancient from trees has age about 500 years. Grows in Italy, Spain, Israel and on Caucasus (mainly, in Azerbaijan).

    The tree of arrives at максимум a 10 m in a height, outwardly look like an apple-tree.
    Leaves are duty, egg evidently prolate, from below pale. Flowers in the bosoms of leaves - одиночне or on a few, on short legs. Cup 4-blade. Chaplet 4-blade, bell, crimson. In masculine flowers 16 stamens; in womanish a 4-8 staminodium and overhead ovary, usually 8-nest, with a 1 seedbud in every nest. Fruit - brown yellow, fleshy berry by a size from an apple, edible.

    Період one sorts have ripening on beginning, in other - on the end of October. More frequent ripening coincides with the first frosts, whereupon
    a fruit becomes only more delicious.

    To family Diospyros belongs also east, or каки (D. Kaki
    L. fil.) with more large, оранжево-червоними garden-stuffs (to 8 see), from
    of Japan and China. Other types of that family give black, or ebony tree.

    The garden-stuffs of are round or ovale, look like tomatoes weigh a to 500 g, tart to the taste. A hide is smooth, thin and brilliant, from yellow to the оранжево-червоного color. Pulp of persimmon is more light, there are approximately 8 stone in it.

    High maintenance of таннина in a fruit which does not ripen gives to the persimmon to tart taste which weakens at ripening of fruit. High maintenance of бета-каротина (provitamin And) does a persimmon a very valuable food product.

    Power value - 70 kkal on a 100 gramme of product.

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