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    Mandarine [I](Citrus of reticulata)[/and] it is a small branchy evergreen tree of family of рутових with coriaceous lancet leaves. There are small porches on the petioles of large leaves of mandarine; life-span of every sheet - to four years. The height of grown man mandarine (by age about fourth of age) arrives at 3,5 meters, him spherical crown of the same diameter. Leaves are egg-shaped or elliptic, dulled on an apex, coriaceous, lustrous, with the network of salient veins, with слабокрылатыми staff. Flowers are whites, with mat petals, be single or for 2-5 in the bosoms of leaves, fragrant.
    A fruit is slightly oblate, rounded or pear-shaped, 5-8 see in diameter., orange, with the hide easily dissociated from pulp. There is plenty of essential oils in a hide. In pulps of garden-stuffs - to 7,4% sugars 0,8-0,9% acids, vitamins S I R. Skorospiliy type of citruses from
    abundant fruiting.
    Garden-stuffs of mandarine - bright, small in size (on the average 60-80 gs), trivialrounded or slightly prolate that famous wonderful refreshing taste and aroma - appear on short sprigs without thorns. Unlike orange, a hide at the garden-stuffs of mandarine is more thin and easily cleared away from the particles of pulp, which well become separated from one from other. Sorta of mandarine subdivide into three groups:

    - to the first group
    are very heat-loving mandarines noble, such which have large leaves and comparatively large rather yellow rather yellow-orange garden-stuffs with a крупнобугристой hide;

    - the second group
    make heat-loving and more finelysheet tangerini, or the Italian mandarines (Citrus of reticulata deliciosa) with the large enough orange-red garden-stuffs of slightly prolate form, covered by a magnificent hide (its smell at some sorts is sharp and not very much pleasant); - to it is belonged the third group by satsymi (or ynshiu) birth from Japan, that differ a cryophylactic, by large leaves and small thinlybark rather yellow rather yellow-orange by garden-stuffs (often with by greenery on a hide). Exactly сатсуми, that carry brief small frosts (to -7 degrees), with success grown on black Sea coast.

    У difference from mandarines noble and танжеринів, in the garden-stuffs of сатсумів very rarely meet seed - that is why, probably, this variety the adopted mandarine seedless (Citrus of unshin of Marc.). His sorts at growing in containers usually a to 1-1,5 m grow the Slender trees of mandarine with a beautiful crown from slightly sprigs, covered numerous rifle-green leaves, during the abundant flowering and fruiting especially decorate a house and fill with it strange smells.

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