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    Lemon of

    (lat. Citrus limon) it is a fruit of lemon tree, hybrid long-cultivated plant of family Citrus.
    Вміщують lemon acid (7-8.1%), сахара (2-3,5%), vitamins And, V15, V2, Р and С, paint matter, flavonovie glycosides (hesperidin eriocetrin, eridictiol) which own R-vitaminnoy by activity.

    Simena of garden-stuffs also include essential oil and bitter matter limonin; branches and leaves are essential oil (0,1-0,25%). Cora contains glycoside of citrionit - citronine.

    The use of lemons as food stuff prevents the disease of cinga.

    Small, evergreen fruit-tree in a to 5-8 m high, with a branchy or pyramidal crown, by a greyish, slightly тріщинуватою bark on long-term branches and green or reddish violet smooth on one-year escapes, usually with thorns, rarer without them. Leaves coriaceous, to greenery, long 10-15 see, breadthways 5-8 see, glossy from an upside and chlorine and mat from нижній, цельнокрайные, with venation, at consideration on to light point (from those which examine with x-rays receptacles of essential oil), широкоовальні or prolate-egg-shaped from both ends sharp, on short (from 1 to 1,8 see), wingless or winged (on rostovih escapes) petioles, with a noticeable coarticulation at foundation of sheet plate, that fall off usually one time per 3 years.

    Interestingly structure of sheet of lemon: on the face of it it is a simple sheet. Will remind, that in a botany a difficult sheet is name such which consists of a few separate plates (leaves), thus these leaves fall off separately. At a lemon a sheet plate falls off separately from a petiole - a petiole falls off later. Consequently, a sheet of lemon originally is difficult, but for him all stakes, except for one disappeared.

    Flowers are bosoms, single or doble, from abstrusely by a зубчатой cup and five membership chaplet. Petals cleanly whites or slightly cream, outwardly pink or purple, strongly unbended, naked, with a thin tender aroma. Fruit long 6-9 see, diameter 4-6 see, hesperidium egg-shaped or oval, to both ends narrowed, with a nipple on an apex clear-yellow, from hardness knobby, that becomes separated from, or that contains the great number of pieces of iron a yamchastoi crust with essential oil. An inside of fruit is with a few nests. Seed are egg-shaped, yellow-green or white, in a cut greenish.

    Flowers, beginning from a spring. Garden-stuffs ripen in autumn. A motherland is India, China and Pacific tropical islands. In the growing wild state unknown. Widely cultivated in many countries with a subtropical climate. Cultivated on Caucasus, on the black Sea coast, in Middle Asia. Widespread in a hothouse and room culture. A lemon is a, evergreen perennial. There are trees in age 45. The room culture of lemon is presently widespread almost on all Russia. City Pavlovo-na-Oke Nizhegorodskoy to the area became the center of distribution of room culture of lemon, known under the name of the Pavlivskogo lemon. From every tub tree it is possible to get 10-30 garden-stuffs. Known cases, when one tub tree brought 180-200 garden-stuffs annually. The garden-stuffs of these room lemons differ a good value and size, not yielding to the best south sorts. Pavlivskiy lemon - soonripe, среднерослий propagates oneself staff. Sapling of lemon in high 150 see, diameter of crown 75-85 see, thorns little, fruiting begins on 3th after the taking root of staff. Flowers 2 times per a year - in March - April in е р October. Garden-stuffs ripen in 8-9 months in a period November is May. Except for Pavlivskogo for a room culture there are suitable and other sorts: Ponderoza (he Skernevitskiy), Dzhenoa, Lisbon, Lunario, Novogruzinskiy the Maikop, Chinese hop-o'-my-thumb(he is a lemon of Meyer) and other.

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