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    Pomegranate it is a sweet-and-sour fruit, on
    business being a berry. In one fruit there is 400-700
    of edible seed, part on segments thin, suckling color,
    by membranes. Every tiny seed is surrounded by transparent smooth
    by bright red pulp. Mature garden-stuffs measuring with large orange,
    have a thin hard skin the color of which can be varied from red
    to pink-yellow. Garden-stuffs crown original sepals in form
    of crown.

    В it is grown nature of grenade as
    thick bushes or low trees of type of Puncia granatum with the prickly
    branches. Pomegranates bear fruit every year and does not require the large
    care. For ripening of garden-stuffs a long hot summer is needed, here
    a tree can survive 9-12 degrees of frost in winter.

    Cora and roots of pomegranate of
    possess medicinal properties, from leaves brew healthful tea,
    garden-stuffs are delicious and nourishing. The dried up flowers of pomegranate of
    brew as tea, his taste reminds tea from the flowers of ibiskus.
    Sprinkling juice of pomegranate grains is extraordinarily rich in ascorbic acid,
    by other fruit acids, sugars and Tanninums. In folk medicine of
    of сок of sweet pomegranates used for illnesses of buds, sour - as
    mean from stone in buds and gall-bladder. Juice of pomegranate well
    appeases thirst at a fever and operates as febrifuge. Pomegranate
    juice contains more antioxidants, what any other drink, be that
    red wine, green tea, juice of bow whortleberry or cranberry. Ancient Egyptians of
    used a fruit for treatment of dysentery and leadingout from the organism of
    of intestinal worms, shri-lank prepare decoction from the red colors of pomegranate for
    of prophylaxis of eye infections. Juice of pomegranate is useful to clearing of voice,
    of treatment of scab and passing of food in an organism.

    Considered, that the motherland of
    of pomegranate is Persia. Pomegranate - one of the most ancient
    garden-stuffs, known to the man. They always were popular on fellow Creature and
    Middle East, well known in Ancient Rome. A version existed,
    that a pomegranate first sprouted in China. But it disintegrated since
    it was set by scientists, that to China of grenade got only in 100 gs to
    A.D. due to the representative of dynasty Khan'shuy, Dzhang Kianu (Zhang
    Qian) which except for pomegranates brought кориандр on Far East,
    walnuts, pea, cucumbers, alfalfa, vine and cumin.

    Русское the name of grenades happened
    from Latin granatus (grainy). History of origin of the name
    this fruit in itself very interesting. In Ancient Rome this fruit of
    had two Latin names - malum punicum and malum granatum.
    the First meant a «punic apple» literally, пунийцами Romans of
    named phoenicians, transmigrating from Asia Minor to North Africa in
    XII-VII ages B.C. and foundings the row of colonies there: Karfagen, Utika,
    Leptis-Magna et al. It was considered at that time, that the best grenades grew
    exactly in Karfagene. The second name, literally meaning «grainy
    apple», - malum granatum, underlay the names of this fruit on other
    languages: in German - Granatapfel (Apfel is an apple), Italian -
    melograna (mela is an apple), Swedish - Granatapple, Spanish is Granada,
    French is Grenade and English is a pomegranate (from Latin pomum -

    С most ancient times on East of
    of grenades consider king of all garden-stuffs. Probably, due to exactly that
    to the original form of sepals, which forms a «crown».
    is considered even, that exactly a pomegranate prompted the form of head-dress of
    of kings - crown to the people.

    Мавры left a pomegranate to Spain of
    approximately in 800 B.C. In Britain a pomegranate appeared due to
    to King to Henry VIII. Attained the banks of America of grenades on the ships of
    of конкистадоров. But to this he does not use that glory in this country,
    what won to itself on fellow Creature and Far East, in Europe.

    Seed garden-stuffs of pomegranate widely
    is used and in a fresh kind, and as seasoning to the different dishes and
    to the sauces. From pomegranates prepare wine and пунши. A pomegranate is given with an ice-cream,
    mix with thick creams and with the crushed meringue for
    of delightful dessert or strew lettuces. From juice of pomegranate
    prepare different drinks, syrups, for example, гренадин, also thick sauces,
    which are widely used in Iranian, Turkish and Azerbaijanian
    kitchens. For example, on the basis of уваренного pomegranate juice Azerbaijanians of
    prepare наршараб is a sauce to meat. From the young roots of pomegranate
    get the special type of sugar of гранадин /drink/grenadin/, which possesses
    by pleasant taste and aroma and used in an east kitchen at
    preparation of pastry wares, different types of halva etc.
    is Especially famous the ability to apply with grenades the Indian
    cooks. In North India (mainly, on a north-west - in the states of
    Pendzhab and Gudzharat) the seed of pomegranate dry and use as a spice,
    which is season dishes from green-stuffs and bob; such seasoning from
    of the dried pomegranate grains is named by анардана. By the seed of pomegranate often
    decorate burning-sweet vegetable блюда-карри, that gives a pleasant cooling note to foods of
    . Juice of pomegranate is ordinary in North India of only for dishes and desserts, but also for pickling - he contains enzymes,
    which do meat more tender. On Cyprus the dish of
    is well known голива, the ingredients of which besides grains of pomegranate it is been almond,
    the boiled grains of wheat, berries of currant and cinnamon, which is prepared in
    memory about dyings relatives.

    При the purchase of pomegranates is followed by
    to choose large, brilliant garden-stuffs, heavy for the size. They must have damages and be brown on an end. The garden-stuffs of pomegranate of
    can be frozen on prolonged enough time. For this purpose
    is needed it is simple to put a whole fruit in a dense package for freezing and to keep.

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