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    Orange is a fruit of Orange of three (Citrus sinensis), by birth from Kitaya. Hybrid, got as early as antiquity, on visible mixing of mandarine (Citrus reticulata) with a grade (Citrus maxima). A tree is brought португальцами in Evropu and grows now well on all coast of sea Sredizemnogo, and also in Tsentral'noy Amerike.

    Довольно high tree, behaves to family of Rutovye (Rutaceae) and to his subfamily of Tsitrusovye(Citroideae).
    the Integral long-term leaves of orange unite with winged
    petioles by an intermediate wide coarticulation. The white flowers of
    sit for 6, and consist the brushes of that 5-separate little opens up of
    of perianth with thick stakes, great number of stamens and single of
    free, or «overhead», by an ovary («fleurs is known d’orange»).

    Fruit - multilocular, багатосім'яний, with a thick and soft hide and
    by seed, submerged in pulp of nests; such device the fruit of
    is named scientifically «hesperidium», an and lemon, and bitter orange, belong here.
    In the skin of fruit there is essential oil in those, that the large are examined with x-rays by
    of cutting irons. A form, size, properties of juice and taste of different breeds of orange of
    , is very different; yes, except for actually orange with sweet juice, померанцев with bitterish and lemons of
    with sour, known yet bodranki, or cedratu, with very thick-skinned and
    by large garden-stuffs which remind a form a lemon, but not so sour;
    yet more and thick-skinned fruit of pampel-musev. - С. decumana. All
    is more valued thin-skinned, juicy and of full weight oranges Maltese
    Genoese, малагские and Sicilian, or messiah.

    Juice orange - well anticorbutic of
    mean. Require at transportation a very good conclusion and easily
    deteriorate that is why oranges take off not fully ripe and inchest for 200-500
    thing, wrapped each in an unsized paper. Hide, except for
    of the well-known economic use on cedra, extracts, cooking and ..., goes yet to preparation of different sort of liqueurs in Bolon'e and Florentsii.

    Oranges is a wonderful dessert, they improve an appetite for the child of
    useful as a in general lines strengthening mean. Due to a presence in them of complex
    vitamins and other bioactive matters, these citrus of
    recommend for a prophylaxis and treatment of гіповітамінозу, diseases of
    of liver, heart and vessels, exchange of matters. Pectins which are contained in
    oranges are instrumental in the process of digestion, agile
    strengthen the function of thick intestine and diminish putrid processes in him.

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