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    (Citrus maxima, Citrus grandis)

    Citrus of Citrus fruit, colors from pale green to yellow (ripe fruit), there is a more grapefruit in size. Weight of fruit can arrive at a few kilograms. Taste is sweet.

    Broom at first appeared in south-east Asia, Malaysia, grew on islands Tonga and Fidzhi. In China known as early as 100 year B.C. Presently actively grown in south China, Tailande, Taiwan, on the south of Japan, in Vietnam, Indium, Indonesia, on the islands of Tahiti and in Izraile. In two-bits grows in very many countries, for example in the USA (in California).

    Broom sometimes name Shaddock , in honour the English captain of Shaddock, which brought seed broom to West indies from the Malay archipelago in XVII веке.

    From a grapefruit a broom differs more large fibres and very sweet taste. A broom is considered one of the largest citrus fruit. Weight of fruit can arrive at 10 kilograms, a diameter is 30 centimetres. A hide is usually thick.

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