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    (Rubus of qlaucus)

    By birth from America. Behaves to the group of sour fruit. This berry is very different form: from little and round to large and prolate. A color changes similarly: from a raspberry to darkly violet. The aroma of it undrops off, and taste is incomparable. Contains albumens, carbonhydratess, vitamins And, From, V1, V2, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium iron, phosphorus, sulphur, pectin, Tanninum.

    It is a good anesthesia mean. In Sweden doctors recommend to eat soup from exterminate for treatment of child's diareya. Tanninum that is contained in it miracle - improves microcirculation of blood of people sufferings a berry atherosclerosis. It is an ideal fruit for the increase of pressure of treatment of inflammatory diseases of respiratory roads. Due to large content of iron berries use at anaemia. Instrumental in the improvement of appetite. It is recommended to apply at fevers, as owns bactericidal property. Exterminate berries reduce sugar in blood that is why it is recommended to apply in a meal to the people, by suffering saccharine diabetes.

    It does not follow to use a berry exterminate in generous amounts at high blood pressure.

    Category: Exotic | Added by: Joni-Jo (20 May 2009)
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