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    (Mangifera of indica)

    Motherland a mango is India. Hindus name his «king» of fruit. Buddha liked to rest in mango gardens, narrating about traditions of hinduism.

    Mango behaves to the group of semisour fruit. The size of fruit depends on his sort. In nature there are more than 1000 varieties mango. Has an oval form. The surface of him is smooth yellow or peach color. A hide is thin. Pulp is fragrant juicy, fleshy, fibred, yellow colouring. The stone of fruit is large and strong. Myakot' mango consists of water, contains albumens, carbonhydratess and cellulose (there are 62 excrements on 100 gs of product.), much vitally by the important vitamins of D, From, And, vitamins of group In, Sa, phosphorus, iron. Contains Zn, Mn, Dopektin, organic acids, saccharose, олеорезина mangostina, which is extracted from a kernel mango and is good antipyretic. The presence of vitamin of а is instrumental in the best work of cordially- of the vascular system. It is a good black draught and diuretic. It is recommended to use a mango at inflammation of gums and cavity of mouth, and also at a disease scurvy, at pains in a stomach, at colds.

    Leaves mango used for the bites of Scorpio and are a wonderful depurant for teeth.

    It is not recommended to accept a mango in generous amounts as he causes disorder of stomach. This fruit is not combined with swizzles.

    Category: Exotic | Added by: Joni-Jo (20 May 2009)
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    whats up everyone

    Just saying hello while I read through the posts

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

    Hi there people, I just signed up on this incredible forum and wished to say hello there! Have a great day!

    Hi, as you may already discovered I am new here.
    I will be glad to get any help at the beginning.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

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