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    Lithi is an eye of dragon of

    (ficus carica)

    Litchi (synonyms: liji, laici of
    dog-foxes, liji Chinese, "Chinese plum") - Litchi of chinensis of Sonn. - it is belonged to family of Sapindovie (Sapindaceae). Motherland of lychee -
    China, from where it spread in the entire countries of South-east Asia and also in many countries of Africa, for example, of REPUBLIC (especially in the provinces of Natal and Transvaal') of south Africa and America. Most areas under a lychee, however, until now in China.

    Litchi - subtropical and tropical evergreen plant from comparatively narrow and prolate leaf plates by a wave on edges and slightly coiled, brilliant, rifle-green leaves. Flowers are shallow, collected in inflorescences-panicles. Every panicle forms a cluster from 3-15 garden-stuffs. There are many sorts of litchi - more 100. The seedless (more faithful, microspermous) sorts of lychee are most valuable they need pollination for normal development of garden-stuffs. Specialists consider that leadingout of absolutely seedless garden-stuffs of lychee it is impossible.

    Trees grow in a height slowly, but eventually arrive at considerable sizes - a to 15 - 20 m first-fruits appear on 4-10 (depending on an origin). In connection with slow growth of trees their productivity is increased during 20. In субтропіках crop of litchi is taken the in May and June. There yet are no fresh fruit in this period, except for some sorts of plums and strawberries which process in the limited scales. Mango in these districts does not yet ripen, that is why at the market of lychee value highly.

    Grozdi of garden-stuffs cut away from a tree together with pedicellate part of fruit becoming overgrown with sprig. It is considered that such method of cleaning up of garden-stuffs does not influence negatively on flowering and fruiting of lychee next year. Ripening garden-stuffs have the red colouring, by mass a to 15-20 g, long to 4-4.5 see and to 3-3.5 see in a diameter, oval or egg-shaped form. A hide is dense, covered by numerous tubercles easily moves away from pulp; pulp white or cream, juicy sweet-and-sour, with a pleasant aroma, to jelly-like consistency, melts in a company; in the center of fruit is one smooth brown seed. From combination of white pulp and dark family of lychee carries similarly the name "eye of dragon".

    From general mass of fruit of pulp contained to 70%. It includes (in %): 80 - 84 waters, 10 - 15 sugars, 0.7 - 1.2 albumens, 0.3 fats, 0.7 золи, 2.25 raw cellulose, vitamins (in a milligram 100 gs): From are tracks, 0.01 - to the carotin, 0.8 - nicotine acid; calorie content 42 kkal l1 00 gs.

    And young and grown man plants differ enhanceable requirements to the climatic terms: they do not take away light frosts, high wind and hot dry weather. Yes, young plants during a few years after landing protect from possible light frosts straw shelters, smoking and another ways. Hot winds can lead to that garden-stuffs розтріскуються trees shed leaves, and separate plants perish.

    Razmnozhayut of lychee by seed, and also different vegetative methods: taking, inoculation, staff and others like that At seminal reproduction of seed sow at once after their receipt, hide as they lose a germination quickly, especially at getting dry.

    The ground fungus lives on a root to the lychee - mikozir which forms on native tubers. Mikoriza is instrumental in the improvement of mineral feed. For the acceleration of formation of tubers at young plants in every landing pit add soil, lychee taken from under old trees.

    For the protracted storage and transporting garden-stuffs take off from a tree, when they pinkes, together with part fruit of sprig and leaves. Such method of cleaning up is detained by their fading at storage. The collected garden-stuffs fold in small baskets or козубеньки in depth not more than 25 see In a few days after cleaning up brilliantly the pink colouring of garden-stuffs darkles and becomes brown. The harvest of garden-stuffs from one tree makes 80-150 kg annually.

    Had garden-stuffs of lychee транспортабельні and can be saved in ordinary terms at a room temperature to 3 days. However in the cooled apartments to the lychee saved a few months at a temperature from 1 to 7С. The Chinese keep the garden-stuffs of lychee in an in salt kind into bamboo stems. In addition, in China, Indium, in Vietnam and in other countries apply drying of lychee together with a hide. At the dried up garden-stuffs a hide grows into a hard shell, inwardly which the dried up pulp is freely rolled together with seed. These dried up garden-stuffs name the nut of litchi.

    The main problem of culture is consider protecting of ripening garden-stuffs from birds and volatile dogs. There are in current use not cultures in South-east Asia, what alike on a lychee. There is лонган on Hindustan, motherland of which - Gati Western, where he grows on a height a to 1600 m above the level of sea. As compared to a lychee garden-stuffs of longana worse by quality, less than on mass and size, with large seed and smooth hide, ripen later after a litchi.

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