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    Apples. Pears. Useful properties.
    Apples belong to the most widespread garden-stuffs.

    there are to 15% sugars and about 0,5% acids In the south sorts of apple
    In north apples of of меньше sugar and more acids, but as compared to south they richer by the vitamin of C. Vse apples are rich in mineral matters.

    There are a few honeycombs of sorts of apples. All sorts of apples differ on precocity, to liking, for legkosti, on a fitness for those or other types of processing.

    The age-old Russian autumn sorts of apples are anises of , especially wide-spread in Povolzh'e. They are good in a fresh kind and for soaking.

    From the winter sorts of apples a remarkable sort is Antonovka.
    In the moment of output garden-stuffs are superfluously sourish and a few rough. But after
    of month of storage taste of apples gets better considerably. Garden-stuffs it is possible
    to save to March. Apples are good both in a fresh kind and for soaking.

    From south sorts good apples sorts Fetch, Rozmarin, Shampanskiy rennet.

    To White winter kalvil belongs the number of the best on taste sorts apples. Very fragrant apples of sort Parmen is winter gold which is differently named the striped saffron.

    Apples are widely used not only in a fresh kind, but also for drying, preparation of fruit compotes, juices, cooking.
    Very good wetted apples. For drying use such apples, as
    Antonovka, Anise, Borovinka, Titovka. The dried apples are even
    cleared and not cleared from a hide and core, but necessarily
    that cut on mugs or particles.



    All sorts of pears divide by two basic groups:

    Useful advice. Apples. Pears. dessert pears of
    - with oily, melting, by very sweet pulp and with easy pleasant acidity, known a duchess pear Takes under the name;

    table pears of - with fine-grained, juicy, pleasant to the taste pulp. It is Seedling, Kayfera, Hay of Zhermen, Bessemyanka and much other.

    For the sorts of pears of summer, are distinguished ripening terms that ripen usually in July - August of
    of autumn sorts of pears of
    that ripen September, and winter, ripening already shelf-life. In
    moment of output winter pears yet little foods. Pulp is hard, often
    tart from the presence of the thick-walled stony cages and tart
    (tannic) of matters.

    From pears prepare the cooking, jams, fruit compotes, syrups, juices, sauces. Pears dry also, pickle, wet, freeze in a refrigerator.

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