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    Than more fruit and green-stuffs, so much the better
    It follows from new recommendations of government of the USA, that 5 portions of green-stuffs and
    of fruit in the day of, possibly, insufficient. Adults need 7-13 portions of
    in a day, that to score all advantages of fruit and green-stuffs, including
    possible protecting from obesity, cardiac illnesses, to diabetes 2 and shrines.

    How to do, that it worked

    For many of us even 5 portions in the day of hardness accessible. How
    to reach to the level in 13 portions? In actual fact, it not so hardness
    asserts Elisabeth Uord, author of book the «Pocket guide-book for
    of idiot on a new food pyramid». Here its advices:

    is the best taste at fresh green-stuffs and fruit - in a season. But forget that fresh froze or canned without and syrups of
    green-stuffs and fruit are not worst.

    • Always keep a reserve of the frozen green-stuffs near at hand, that to add soup in
    , lettuce, roast and other dishes or, that to heat in a microwave stove in
    of quality of гарнира

    • Experiment with the new type of green-stuffs and fruit - for example, lettuce of
    from the shredded cabbage of broccoli or cut grenade. Remember, that if
    you in childhood disliked some green-stuffs and fruit, it does not mean that
    presently they also dislike you.

    • Vary a structure. Anymore the raw like to put, crunches green-stuffs and
    fruit with an unfat sauce. Make attempt finely cut green-stuffs and put on
    of sendvich or in lettuce.

    • In place of white potato use sweet, because in him more potassium and beta-carotin

    • not practise upon sauces. In place of it season fresh or dry herbares, lemon-juice or balsam vinegar.

    • Even one time per a week eat a vegetarian meal. It can be simply soup, lettuce or stewed green-stuffs of

    • Every evening after dinner eat lettuce from fruit and green-stuffs. Only not practise upon sauces and fat seasonings of

    • Bake green-stuffs and fruit, that they were more tender

    • Cut or rub green-stuffs in the braised meat, climb, meat dishes.

    • Use a puree from green-stuffs in soups, braised meat, подливках

    • Decorate a meal edible decorations: by spirals from cucumbers, by the strips of cayenne, by the particles of melon of

    • Hold on a table a vase with fruit, and in a refrigerator are the cut green-stuffs for foods

    • Remember, that although 100% cut is good, whole or cut fruit are better, because give клетчатку

    • After breakfast add fruit to yoghurt, pancakes, waffles or cornflakes of

    • Hammer together милкшейк with addition of fruit, unfat or fat free yoghurt

    • Freeze a vine and bananas for the refreshing dessert of

    One portion of fruit of answers a 1 cup of the cut fruit;
    to one little apple, middle pear or large peach; sexual cups of
    of dry-fruit; or to glass 100% fruit juice. Portia of green-stuffs of answers a 1 cup of raw or boiled green-stuffs or vegetable juice, or 2 cups of leafvegetabless.

    of Sila green-stuffs and fruit of

    Is many scientific proofs about positive influence of diet, rich
    by green-stuffs and fruit, on a health. There are useful
    of fitooxidant in their surplus, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, cellulose, water of
    difficult carbonhydratess and albumen. They have little sodium and calories, it almost is not
    of cholesterol and fat.

    Very worthily is green-stuffs and fruit of different colors daily. Pigments in
    them operate as antioxidants, helping to clean your organism of
    of «free radikaliv».
    At 2/3 grown man Americans with an ovenweight, to control ability of green-stuffs and
    of fruit weight especially important. For them much water and
    cellulose which gives feeling of satiation and
    of overeating prevents the same.

    In addition, from data of some surveys of consumers, people, what
    eat many green-stuffs and fruit, more energetic and better than itself feel.
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