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    Potato. Useful properties of potato.
    The special researches defined that a potato was highly nourishing and even healthful product. Many organic and inorganic compounds enter in the complement of potato. And these connections are in favourable combinations for our organism.

    The Australian doctors inspected 1500 habitants of western sublimity of New Guinea.
    94 percents of feed of новогвінейців were made by a potato and 3 percents fats. The state of health of habitants appeared excellent, doctors did not look after the decline of level of albumen at blood, neither diabetes, neither obesity nor enhanceable pressure.

    Картопля. Useful properties of potato. Potato is the important source of vitamin of С (ascorbic acid) :
    there are about 8-10 milligrams of
    of vitamin of С in 100 grammes of raw potato. There are green-stuffs contain the more vitamin of С in 100 grammes however a potato we eat far more frequent than many other green-stuffs: a potato provides us the vitamin of С round year.

    It was 200 years ago considered yet, that a potato was a panacea from scurvy. Історія potato that in actual fact, since the culture of potato spread in Europe, the epidemics of scurvy disappeared, and before they took many human lives.

    The amount of vitamin of С in a potato depends on the row of terms. The early sorts of potato and young tubers contain to the vitamin of С anymore, on comparing to late or ripe. The accumulation of vitamin of С depends and from ground from the climatic terms of growing, and from shelf-lives.

    In a potato there are vitamins of V2 in two-bits, V6, RR.

    Potato one of major sources of mineral matters our feed. there are about 70 percents of all mineral matters of potato On salt of potassium, these salts are important for a man, as they are instrumental in the leadingout of water and culinary salt from an organism and the same regulates variable processes.

    Siroy potato juice is applied at treatment of of ulcerous illness of stomach, duodenum, gastritises.

    In the tubers of potato there is such елементи, as iron, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, coniferous forest et al.

    Картопля. Useful properties of potato. Potato the most high-calorie vegetable. The high food value of potato is added by the carbonhydratess of
    as starch which appears in the process of photosynthesis.
    However small a role of starch is in a feed. Starch, gradually fissioning in an intestine, grows into glucose which is sucked in blood and carried by it on all organism. In the cages of organism glucose is added to oxidization, or, as they say, "combustion", energy, necessary for work of organism of man, is here freed.

    Squirrel of potato are most valuable from all known phytalbumins of : they contain 14 from 20 necessary to the organism amino acid. A potato have all irreplaceable amino acid.

    But in spite of high nourishing value and medical dignities of potato of is and danger poisoned to them: in a letter, stems, flowers, berries escapes and partly tubers a poisonous matter - solanine accumulates. In the normally ripening tubers of solanine very little, and he presents to not a single danger for a man.

    Most useful on the enhanceable amount of соланіна is contained the sunlight of tuber much him accumulates in an old potato, especially in an external layer and peep-holes. Therefore an old potato must be carefully cleared to delete peep-holes. A becoming green potato can not be consumed.

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