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Friday, 24 Mar 2017, 11:59 PM

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    doctor of agricultural sciences Anatoliy Kushnarev: "Underground, basements of
    of pig - any depository clears up from tailings of garbage and for
    of disinfection processed from within by solution of chloric lime. Better
    all for treatment a chlorine to apply a sprinkler or, if he is not
    it is simple to whitewash midwalls of depository by a brush. As a last resort
    can be used an ordinary build lime, to which is added by
    100 гр. chlorine or 50 гр. known whites "Linen". It is possible
    to apply the special smoke checkers, present on sale. After
    of treatment a depository good gets some fresh air air.

    Very much of
    worthily, that place of storage of potato little two compartments: one - for
    of food tubers, other - for seminal. If one pit, then it
    it is easily possible to partition off boards, wooden shields, simply dense
    by a cardboard. Often (especially in garage basements) walls and bottom are done from
    of concrete. A potato at storage nowise must not touch
    of this building material. That is why pits to enclose from within even on
    of distance 10-15 see from a concrete wall or concrete floor.

    It is necessary
    also preliminary to provide oneself a thermometer, that to control the temperature of
    during storage of harvest (and better two: to fix one above an embankment or
    by a compartment, other - on the embankment of tubers). A harvest is brought from the area of
    examine once again, before to pawn on storage. Large
    in size food tubers must be saved separately from
    middle seminal. All tubers staggered by illnesses are bracked and
    is used above all things. After sorting and drying pour out in
    pit or compartments straight from B/Ss.

    To end of
    of September the jast geathered potato must intensively breathe, that is why
    needs to be well ventilated air. For this purpose must be opened
    all openings and vents, hatches of depository. In October (approximately
    20-25 numbers) October at achievement into the depository of temperature 9-10
    of degrees all vent openings can be closed. If you pawned
    the well dried out and selected potato, then problems with storage of
    it will be, but if you caught an unpleasant smell - it is needed quickly to do
    partition, destroying tubers which festered. From the second half of November worthily
    constantly to hold the temperature of air at the level of 3-5 degrees. And in
    embankments are 2-3 degrees, at relative humidity 85-90%. At more
    breathing of tubers and loss of dry
    of matter increases a high temperature: they gradually lose the mass and shrivel,
    go down taste qualities.

    If the temperature of
    of storage will reduce to 0 +1, then a potato will become a bit sweetish and
    that is why less suitable for storage. In fury the January frosts of
    must be concealed embankment by any warming material or to put
    temporally in a depository electroheater. More main all - to shut out
    of freezing slightly of tubers.

    С the middles of March of
    are needed, as well as in winter, to watch after the temperature of air in a depository, assuming it sharp increase even to 7- 8 degrees. Does not hurry early
    to open vent openings of depository in spring. For support of
    of temperature of air in him at the level of 3-4 degrees it is necessary to open
    them on night for penetration of cold air".

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