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    How to save green-stuffs in winter?

    How to save green-stuffs in winter?

    Collection it is needed to conduct a harvest
    in good time, it is desirable in dry weather, taking away
    for the protracted storage, not damaged by wreckers and
    is not staggered by illnesses green-stuffs, to keep in dried out, carefully продезинфікованій
    to the container in the conditions of optimum for every culture temperature and humidity.

    Apartment of
    in which during the winter green-stuffs will be saved, it must be it is preliminary cleared
    from last year's tailings and on possibility продезнфіковано.
    15 20 days prior to the book-mark of green-stuffs conduct bleaching of sthenes and ceiling of
    solution of свежегашеной lime. On the bucket of water take 1,5 2 kg to exterminate
    it is possible to add a blue vitriol. After bleaching a depository follows well
    to dry out.

    Recommend to grow sorts and hybrids, shown out for an area, in what
    live. Yes, for Moscow Suburb, and for all Nechernozem'ya better
    to use the domestic sorts of Nantskaya 4, Moscow winter A-515
    Supernant, Losinoostrovskaya 15, Vitamin 6, NIIOKH 336, and also new
    hybrids, created in VNIISSOK and VNIIO.

    Lightness of root crops is largely related to the terms of growing. Carrot
    , sown in April to beginning of May, it is better to use at once, and on
    to put the protracted storage sown in the second half of May. At
    optimum terms of storage the root crops of these sorts can lie to
    of May of next year. But earlyripe sorts, for example Nantskaya 4, better
    to use in a meal to January February. For the early growing it is possible
    to take foreign sorts and hybrids.

    the Best predecessors for a carrot early potato, cabbage, tomato, bow, especially if under these cultures brought in organic fertilizers. Returning it into former place is possible in 3 4 years.

    The use of enhanceable dose of nitric fertilizers, especially in the second half of
    vegetation, results in the decline of maintainance of root crops, worsens them
    quality. Bringing of phosphoric and potassium fertilizers promotes
    to the accumulation in the root crops of plenty of dry matters, Sugars of
    of carotin and, consequently, to the best ripening and maintainance of carrot. Polivi
    it follows to limit in the second half of summer, and 2 3 weeks prior to
    of cleaning up to halt.

    Offensive of technical ripeness of root crops does not appear expressly, sometimes (not counting droughty years) it can be defined on turning of lower leaves yellow.

    To cleaning up of carrot beginning is needed to the light frosts, even easy
    of freezing at brief, but such which repeat oneself mionectic
    temperatures ( 1... 2 From) can result in the damage of root crops.
    the Early term of cleaning up is also undesirable: in to the heat, dry and especially
    windy weather they fade and become receptive to illnesses.

    to Dig in carrot better by garden pitchforks. After cleaning from earth it is needed to cut
    of tops in the distance 1 see, not injuring the head of root crop. In time of
    of cleaning up it follows to select for storage well ripening unharmed, the root crops staggered by illnesses. It does not follow to hold the cleaned carrot in
    heaps outdoors, to cover its leaves, especially if they
    is staggered. Pislyazhnivni tailings need to be removed from ridges. After cleaning up of
    a carrot it follows slowly to chill (especially at cleaning up in very much to the heat of
    weather), and after it to place on the protracted storage.

    Piling into permanent place of storage conduct, when a depository will cool down to 4 5
    S. Morkva different terms of ripening it is desirable to take away and keep
    separately, on sorts. At first consuming is needed the root crops of sort of
    Nantskaya 4, in a middle the winter of Losinoostrovskaya and Vitamin, to the end
    of the winter Moscow winter A-515.

    the Optimum mode of storage temperature 0 2 From at relative humidity of air 90 95 %. In such terms a carrot is well saved in dense wooden boxes or in polyethylene loose-pack on 2 5 kg.

    At an enhanceable temperature and mionectic humidity in basement or pig of
    can use dense wooden or polyethylene boxes and for
    root crops sand or peat. Any must be
    slightly moist, not warm and necessarily fresh, repeated use him
    not possibly. Wooden boxes at their repeated use of
    it is necessary to dry out in the sunshine, to wash polyethylene boxes and packages
    in solution of manganese-sour potassium or running water.

    is Well saved carrot, covered by the layer of clay. Many summer residents keep
    root crops on the glazed loggias. Products home need to be brought
    when a cool weather will be set. It is thus necessary constantly
    to create enhanceable humidity.

    In winter
    in the case of exposure of sick root crops they are carefully taken out, and
    of hand wash dark solution of manganese-sour potassium. After it it is possible
    to touch to the healthy root crops. If staggered a few root crops of
    and abundant міцелій (white, grey rotted) appears, then it is better to throw out
    all content of polybag or box.

    it is Unpossible to cut out the staggered place on a carrot, as toxins of mushroom spread on all root crop and can cause poisoning of organism of both man and animal.


    Illness it is possible to divide a carrot into two groups: wet and dry rot. To the first group
    behave mushroom white and grey, wet bacterial rot. The infection of
    takes place in the field, the first signs sometimes it can find out already at
    to cleaning up. For them characteristic rapid infection of near-by root crops.
    Here fabric is laid out and appears wet medley. If with abundant
    white or grey miceliem and sklerociami it the white and grey rotted, and from
    by an unpleasant smell bacterial. An enhanceable temperature assists mushroom growth of patgen of
    at storage. Wet rot of
    characteristic in years with a rain summer.

    To the second group
    belong mushroom illnesses of fomoz, black rot, fyzarios, tufulez.
    If fomoz stuns a carrot mainly, and black rot much
    celery cultures, then fyrazios meets everywhere on all
    cultures. They form at first small, mainly dry ulcers of
    which in friendly to the mushroom terms are increased. The infection of
    to the carrot takes place on ridges, and intensive development of illness is in time of
    of storage. Fomoz and black rot can develop on any part of
    of root crop, tyfulez gives advantage to the head, and fyrazios tail part.
    the Dry rot spreads slowly and characteristic for a dry summer.

    К it is possible to take a dove-coloured penicelfileznui rot a dry rot. Pidv'yaleni root crops stun by it, it instrumental in and mionectic humidity in an apartment.

    the Table beet.
    Usually a beet is sown after a carrot, as it demanding to
    to the heat.It is more moisture-loving plant, than carrot. Does not maintain
    of sour soils. A good harvest and healthy root crops get at
    growing of it on fat loamy and sandy loam lands. The best
    predecessors of meadows, tomatoes, early potato, early or coloured

    На the small holding can
    to grow the sorts of Claret 237, Odinparostkova, Incomparable, Egyptian
    flat and to the local selection. For a consumption it is better to use
    shallow root crops, as large fibred, tasteless, long
    are boiling and saved worse.

    Beet sufficiently bar to illnesses at storage. It it follows to take away before carrot, as, being on-the-spot soil, it easily frozen.

    In of the dug up beet it is necessary to cut tops on 0,5 1,0 see, to take away
    healthy, unharmed root crops. Keep a beet the same as
    carrot: in wooden and polyethylene boxes, in opened
    polybags, but by a greater capacity 15 20 kg.

    At growing on sour soils the root crops of beet can be covered darkly brown by a rough crust or
    by cracks and warts. So the mushroom disease of appears ordinary парша. The commodity type of beet gets worse thus, except for it in
    cracks other illnesses which reduce legkost root crops develop.

    Во time of cleaning up of beet on supercooled or such which have mechanical damages root crops it is possible to find
    grey rot.
    Both grey and white rot, which is brought in a depository from the field on the lumps of soil which stuck to the beet, in the period of storage of
    continue to develop and infect other root crops the quick, than higher humidity of air and temperature in a depository.

    root Crop, grown at surplus and one-sided nitric or phosphoric fertilizer, more receptive to
    to the white rot. A complete mineral fertilizer under ploughing with predominance of doses of potassium promotes firmness of root crops to illnesses.

    In shelf-life a beet is stunned by mushroom illnesses of fomoz and fyzarios of
    as a dry rot. The infection of root crops takes place in time of
    vegetation, however marked development of illness is in winter and to spring. It can be defined in an initial period, the root crop of
    (staggered fabric of black, hard) cuts only, emptinesses can appear.

    Except for this is the physiology disease of beet rot of heart, of
    which is caused by the lack of salts of the coniferous forest in soil. It more frequent appears in
    years with a moist spring and hot dry summer. Illnesses at first appear
    on the head of root crop as a black dry rot, then passes
    inward, forming emptinesses in which other
    can develop microorganisms. A root crop decays already at the beginning of storage. For
    of prevention of this illness of plant it is needed to feed up coniferous forest

    Cabbage of white-head.
    the Large variety of sorts of cabbage of white-head allows to the vegetable-grower of
    to have it in a fresh kind practically round year. For a consumption it is better to grow middle-ripening (Glory of gribovskaa 231, Glory 1305,
    Tayninskaya, Nadiya sow to May, 12) the winter of
    , middling late (Gift 2500,
    Byelorussian 455, Siberian 60 to May, 5) or spondyle (Amager 611
    Wintering 1474, hybrids Lezhkiy, Albatross, Kryumon to April, 10) sorts of
    cabbage. Blow up rozady in the second half of June, prepared
    get products at the end of September October. More early terms of sowing and landing of
    rozsada of cabbage points to that overripe heads will begin
    rozstriskyvatis. And more late terms undesirable, as to
    of offensive of colds of plant does not have time to collect mass, to pass all
    of the stage of development and form a commodity head.

    the Frequent bringing of nitric fertilizers results in the impression of a grey rot and mucous backteriosis.

    moisture-loving culture. A most requirement in water is marked in
    period of education growth of heads, but surplus of moisture can result in
    of death or not to stringing of them. A cabbage which long time was in
    to the water-logged soil badly will be saved.

    absorb a cabbage on the measure of ripening
    , when plants in full will be formed and the phase of
    to the technical ripeness of head will come. Cleaning up of cabbage for storage must be
    is complete to the offensive of proof light frosts ( 3... 4 From). On
    par{ the protracted storage is taken away by healthy, unharmed heads.

    to Keep
    it it is possible suspended in basement. For such storage a head is taken away by
    together with kocherigou or will fell him an ax at the level of earth. Thus
    it follows to keep as many as possible external green leaves. Kocherigu
    tie around haires or string and suspend a head downward to ceiling. In
    dry basement and at a temperature from 1 to +10 From cabbage well
    is saved to the next summer.


    From illnesses during storage most вредоносны grey rot and mucous backteriosis.
    At enhanceable humidity and fluctuations in a temperature, and also at
    the protracted period of enhanceable temperatures in a depository a grey rot develops on the cabbage of
    . In this case it is necessary to clean out heads
    deleting the staggered leaves with petioles. It follows to avoid repeated
    of partitions and stripping during storage. For prevention of development of
    heads rotted sulphur it is possible a опудрить chalk or to turn a newspaper. It
    is done at the beginning of storage or after stripping, when illness
    spread already.

    Устойчивы to sulphur of rot of sort of Amager 611, Gift 2500, Wintering 1474, Byelorussian 455, Kharkiv winter and spondyle

    of Razvitku of
    of mucous backteriosis promotes enhanceable temperature at storage of
    but illness appears yet at forming of heads. The defeat of
    is begun with the place of attachment of petioles, and then the surface of head spreads on
    . At weak development of backteriosis of rotting of
    it appears only after that which cuts away head. Weak
    fall ill plants which froze or damaged by wreckers. Illness prepotent
    appears in the years of mass summer of cabbage fly and other wreckers of
    especially in hot summer with abundant rains. Proof to mucous бактериозу hybrids of R.Lezhkiy, Albatross, Formeks, Kryumon, Fora of Sting, Tavi.

    Bow Reptilia of Large attention deserve oldrussian legkii sorts Arzamas
    Bessonovskiy local, Pogarskiy local, Strigunovskiy.
    of bulb and such sorts is well saved, as Odintsovets and Zolotnichek, suitable for
    of growing in an one-year culture. A few yield to them the sorts of
    Myachkovskiy 300, Danilovskiy 301 and Borodkovskiy. Their consumption is needed
    to begin in autumn and by the early winter.

    Bow well grows
    after an early cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes. Impermissible bringing under him
    of fresh pus, and also the overpriced doses of nitric fertilizers.
    phosphoric-potassium fertilizers speeds by ripening of bulbs and, such
    by appearance, promote firmness to illnesses and wreckers.

    In hot droughty summer it follows actively to pour in a first period of vegetation of meadows, but superfluous moisture to
    of time of cleaning up is not instrumental in his good maintainance. Polivi halt month prior to cleaning up.

    Luk take away, when leaves begin вилягати and turn yellow, but expecting their complete withering does not follow, as from
    ripening bulbs move the offensives of rainy weather side-matched and then saved badly.

    of the

    After cleaning up of meadows it follows to dry out on the opened place, in rainy weather under a cover or in well
    the ventilated apartment during 7 10 days. And only after drying cut leaves, leaving a neck long 5 see.


    Bulb of
    saved better, if them after дозаривания in the field add thermal
    to drying. After it sort out and keep in autumn at a temperature 18 20 From and
    of humidity 60 70%, and in winter at a temperature 1 5 From and to humidity 60 80 % in
    wooden boxes, reticulated B/Ss or interlaced in scythes.


    Degree maturity of bow to time cleaning up, and also him suchenost have decision value for the decline of
    of staggered of bow by illnesses.

    of mushroom illnesses during storage harmful sheikiva rot.
    is Infected bow as early as the field. A mushroom develops on the weak plants of
    at a senescence. At first a rot develops very slowly, that is why in
    time of cleaning up it does not appear. During storage overhead part of
    of bulb grows soft, and in course of time a defeat spreads deep into. Disease
    is more widespread in years with a cold wet summer.
    the Proof sorts Arzamas, Shtuttgarter of ризен.

    less harmful soft or wet rot which is caused by bacteria. In
    period of vegetation the surface of bulbs and underbody of stem transform
    in wet rotten mass. Illnesses promote high temperature of
    of air and humidity. During storage of bulb it is necessary to sort out
    deleting staggered.

    Garlic. Garlic
    is blown up on ridges in autumn (winter sorts Anniversary gribvskii of
    Dubkovskiy, Bashkir 85, Dunganskiy local, Otradnenskiy, Sail of
    Platyphyllous 220, Danilovskiy local, Poretskiy local and other) in
    terms, that teeth to the offensive of winter cold could be rooted, or
    early in spring (spring sorts of Aleyskiy, Gafuriyskiy, Sochi 56 and other).
    This culture does not take away the strong siccation of soil and protracted
    of overdamping, and also enhanceable acidity. The best predecessors of
    are a cucumber, cheap restaurant, pumpkin and other cultures which take away before and
    under which bring in plenty of organic fertilizers. A bow and
    is a garlic, and also a potato can not be used as a predecessor.

    Через three with a half months from appearance of east a winter garlic is ready to cleaning up at turning of
    and withering of two third of leaves yellow. The early dug up bulbs more feel like illnesses during storage.

    garlic is undermined, choose from soil and lay out on-the-spot
    ridges for drying, but not under the steaming hot rays of a sun, that to assume burns. Purging a garlic from soil is needed by hands, impossible to beat
    of bulb at hard. On ridges or in the apartment of him dry 3 7 days, then
    cut a root and above-ground part a secateur or sharp knife, abandoning
    neck long 1,5 see Rozsortovani bulbs conclude in wooden
    boxes and place on a garret or under a cover for the subsequent drying to
    of book-mark into permanent place.


    Spring garlic is grown the same as winter-annual. Take away him at the mass withering of lower leaves, turning and
    yellow of overhead leaves (September). Spondyle sorts ripen later.

    Bulbs, intended for landing in spring of next year, keep at a temperature 3 5 From and to humidity 70 %, and after
    45 50 days to landing carry in a warm apartment (18 20 From). In this case a harvest of garlic will be higher.

    time of vegetation among healthy plants weak
    meet undersized, with turning yellow leaves which flagged. It is a display of
    of the fyrarioznogo fading. At enhanceable humidity of soil in the raining years of
    illness is most widespread. It can increase penecil-leznim of
    fading. The protracted drying helps to take away sick plants.

    Exists two basic methods of storage of garlic: cold and warm. In first
    of case a temperature of air must be scope from About to
    3... 5 From or from 0 to +3...+6 S. Vtoroy the method of storage foresees
    support of temperature of air 18 20 From and applicable only for zrini of
    of garlic. At a temperature below 16 From garlic of zroziruetsa, and at
    increase tempera of rook to 22 From mass of bulb decreases.

    В villages, and vegetable-growers-amateurs often keep a garlic in a house, suspending bulbs, interlaced in scythes.

    В of Nechernozem'e a winter streiklushisa garlic can be kept to December January, winter not streiklushisa of
    to fierce March. To the new harvest able to be saved only spring garlic.

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