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    Methods of storage of vegetables and other products

    Methods of storage of green-stuffs and other products are Bow and garlic of , unlike other products, well
    is saved during the winter even in the conditions of city apartment. It is better to keep them
    in a dry and dark place at a temperature 18-20 degrees and periodically
    to ventilate. Before a book-mark on storage bow and garlic carefully
    will dry out, that they not rots. Drying is possible at a temperature 40-45 degrees of
    in an ordinary oven, but not higher, and also decomposing on a paper in a room or on
    balcony during 4-5 days. After drying will lay down a bow in the tissue sacs of
    well those which served out the term of pillow-case become for these aims. Bow remarkably
    is saved in small cardboard boxes with openings executed in the lateral walls of
    . If you reaped onion with tops, interlace him in scythes and spread in
    to the barn. It is needed to say, that in the past tenses of meadows just like this and kept, spreading
    him interlaced on a wall after the Russian stove. Undesirable to assume moistening, otherwise not to pass spoilage and rot of bow and garlic.

    If you purchased a garage with a cellar or kesson , it is possible to equip well
    place for storage of green-stuffs. In a pig (caisson, basement) it is recommended to have two
    separation: one for fresh, second for the pickled and salt green-stuffs. In winter
    a temperature in a pig must be not below than 2th degrees of heat. It is impossible to hold in
    to the pig green-stuffs, to deteriorate a beginner or already to the rot. It is needed to remember, that at
    rotting of green-stuffs gassed, which very dangerous for a man. What does this
    threaten? If getting down in a cellar, you marked, that for you laboured breathing or
    a head was twirled, be careful! There were cases, when gas which was saved from
    of rotting of green-stuffs even killed man. Especially dangerously, if a man goes in
    burying one. To check up a gas presence easily - set fire in a pig a match or
    cigarette-lighter, if they at once go out or quite not light up, then it dangerous
    sign. And if Your car is equipped by a gas equipment, mean
    that in-use for cars
    gas heavier than air and goes down in the lowest place in the case of source and
    explosive. In any case, it is necessary to ventilate a cellar and delete from him
    rotten green-stuffs.

    Mould which appears on walls, the best of all to dry out incandescent coal in
    of fire-pan. That to destroy spots and warn appearance of new, it is needed
    to process their solution from salicylic acid and alcohol (in a proportion one to
    two), by the dilute two-bit of water. In shops for repair there is
    great choice of the special antibactericidal impregnations for the prime coating of panels in
    to the apartment before treatment. They perfectly will walk up for treatment of constructions of
    of pig from any materials, preventing appearance of rot and mould.

    And so, a cellar geared-up, ventilated and ready to accept the fresh harvest of green-stuffs of
    of дачі and vegetable garden.
    A cabbage is perfectly saved in a pig. It is taken away for
    by storages with two by green cataphyllary leaves. It is needed to link heads in pairs
    by string and to hang up. That it was comfortably to do it, kocherygky cut not in
    of head, but retreating from him on 1-2 centimetres. In such kind a cabbage can
    saved more fresh to the end of the winter. At storage of of choucroute of
    is needed from time to time to strew it from above by one spoon of saccharine sand. Sugar at
    of action of microorganisms grows into vinegar which guards a cabbage from
    of spoilage.

    Potato of is kept in pigs at a temperature 4 degrees of heat.
    Before засипати a potato in a depository, it is needed carefully
    to sort out and dry out. If you live in a private house, and похоронив in
    you raw or him quite it is not while, it is possible to keep a potato in pit. For
    it in a court or vegetable garden choose the greatest and more dry place of
    is dug up shallow pit, cover boards and to the bottom drop
    of airforce, done from boards or as an ordinary plastic pipe.
    From above pit with a potato is covered by boards, on boards pour a layer dry
    of earth in high to півметра, and on him lay a straw or any material of
    badly lead warmly. Round pit it is desirable to dig up the ditches of
    of flow of water. In such terms a potato perfectly will spend winter to spring.
    it is So possible to keep a seminal potato for the spring landing. Beet of can be kept the same as potatos.

    If the harvest of bow of is very large, he also can be kept in
    dry cellar at a temperature from 1 to 20 degrees of heat. In the depository of
    it is desirable to make shelves out of rails, abandoning between them cracks within the limits of
    of one centimetre, on which 20-40 centimetres pour a bow a layer.
    Before a conclusion in order to avoid rotting and for the economy of place of meadows of
    cut, separate dry stems, assort and dry out well.

    Carrot and parsley of at storage in a pig is laid by rows and
    fall asleep by the layer of sand, then the row of garden-stuffs and again layer of
    of sand lay out again. The height of conclusion must not exceed 50cm.

    In a pig it is possible well to save tomato of . It is needed to choose greenish garden-stuffs and conclude their layers in boxes. Then they are poured by sawdusts of birch or aspen.

    Are cases, when and necessary products can be spoilt everyday, and a cellar is not simply. Here some secrets and methods of maintainance of products, if a refrigerator broke or the failure of power supply happened:

    1. Myaso of
    in such cases it is possible to save to two days, if to wrap up him
    clean linen rag, strongly saturated with strong vinegar. Before
    that how to prepare meat, he needs simply to soak in cold water of minutes of
    ten, and then carefully to wash.

    2. Even if a heat is very strong, meat can be saved, rubbing
    his juice of lemon and leaving open in ventilated or cool

    3. The slightly added some salt meat is fried in the two-bit of fat also maintains a heat a few days.

    4. If to translate meat or fish the leaves of nettle or horse-radish and
    to wrap up in moist linen, saturated with strong vinegar, they will be
    fresh long time, not losing the qualities.

    5. It is possible long time to save fresh and eggs, if to smear them
    by a lard and to wrap up in a parchment paper, putting in dark and
    the ventilated place.

    6. There is a method of maintainance of desi. Wrap up butter in
    parchment paper by pieces for a 100 gramme and will put in strongly salt
    water, and from above cover a dish. Butter in such state sufficiently will be storable fresh and not bitter.

    7. Sausage can be guarded from mould, dipped it in strong solution of salt.

    8. Smear the cut end of sausage fat, and then sausage will not dry up long time.

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