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    Cutting of fruit
    In the large specialized economies which have hundreds of hectares of
    of gardens, to cutting begin quite often already in December. But it is needed to have in
    of kind, that the strong cutting of плодоносних trees notedly reduces them
    resistance to cold. At nippings frosts round wounds there is freezing slightly of
    of bark and камбію. At sharp fluctuations in a temperature from a thaw there is розтріскування of bark to the frosts of
    . For youths, strongly growings trees at
    often there is freezing slightly of annual increments and branches of
    the winter cutting below than place of cut.

    В the first turn is cut by the sorts of apple-tree of summer term of ripening, as
    frost-hardy, then autumn and in the last turn - winter
    of ripening term.

    Especially negative influence is rendered by the strong cutting of youths of
    of trees at the beginning of vegetation. At this time
    of сокодвижение begins at plants, nutritives move from spare fabrics of
    of root, штамбу and skeletal branches to the points of growth. At reduction of
    of annual increments, enriched by nutritives, the tree of
    is delivered their considerable part. As a result rostovi
    weakening processes and gets worse growth garden-stuffs.

    the Important role is played by a cutting technique. The wrong executed cuts of
    break a secret and teasers bark which appears at using dull saws and
    secateurs, hinder because heals wounds and weakening a tree. Therefore
    it is necessary to execute a scrap the sharply sharpened garden instrument.

    of Srizi it is needed to execute a secateur so that him the cutting side of
    adjoined to part of annual increment or branch which remained. What retires
    part is slightly declined by a left arm in an opposite side from a blade.
    Such reception is facilitated by implementation of cut. That to avoid break a secret and
    of zaduriv thick branches delete in two receptions: they sawinges from down of
    by sides on to 1/3 diameters in the distance 30-40 see from foundation. Then
    stepping back yet 10-15 see from the place of washing down aside, opposite
    to the barrel, спилюють a branch. And only after it delete a stump which remained
    cutting away him on a камбіальному ring. (A circular influx is so named in
    of foundation of branch). It is instrumental in the rapid overgrowing of wounds. it is recommended to abandon small stumps or, opposite, to delete the branch of
    very close to the barrel, cutting part of his wood. The leave stump of
    dries up and in course of time begins to rot, that points hollows to formation of
    . Hollows appear at a very deep cut.

    weakening Strongly, and then basic skeletal branches and
    are ill central explorer, if on them successively a few inflict large
    of wounds, especially from one side. Such situation often arises up at
    to cutting of the started thick crowns, when for thinning out there is
    to delete a few large branches successively. Therefore such crowns point in
    the proper kind during 2-3, gradually cutting out branches which densify
    of cron. At the delete of dryings up branches they are cut out with a delight by parts living
    of wood, a wound will not begin to live otherwise.

    У of fruit-trees smooth (cut) wounds overgrow quick, than
    unequal and rough. Therefore after the undercut of branches it is desirable to clean out the saw of wound of
    by a garden knife. For prevention of evaporation of moisture of
    and розтріскування of wood of wound діаметром more than 2 see slur over
    a garden pitch or cover an oily paint on natural drying oil. Etta
    an operation it is desirable to conduct at once after the delete of branches. Especially
    important mastic of wounds at cutting in a winter period, as it
    prevents their freezing slightly. Timely mastic of wounds also
    hinders to their infecting dangerous mushrooms, what млечный of
    brilliance, tinders, honey agarics and other, is among More large wounds which appeared after
    of deleting from the crown of skeletal branches slur over mixture of clay and cow of
    in even proportions. For the prophylaxis of mushroom illnesses add 300г of
    of blue or ferrous vitriol on the bucket of solution.

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