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    Storage of vegetables and fruit
    Modern science finds deep sense herein. The point is that
    the green-stuffs stopped up on storage continue to breathe and from breathing of
    heated. Cabbage heads suffer from it, because at
    breathing carbon dioxide is selected and saved between leaves, allowing necessary for breathing oxygen inward.

    Cabbage from itself "strangles". The through opening in rocked
    allows to it to get some fresh air and contain a core all right, where
    is apex bud. Therefore the Piercing head (but that touches an apex bud) a porous corn stem does not mix
    to breathe a cabbage, but stops opening closing from growth apex
    of bud.

    If this idea pleased you, and corn stem in winter in
    to the city apartment in hand, certainly, not appeared, here amusing experience of
    of the Moscow inventor A.Rukavishnikova. In made hole through
    a head he inserted the plastic rollers adopted for a wife (tubes of
    are with the latticed walls). Experimental heads, placed in
    refrigerator or cellar and pressed down from above by a load, perfectly conducted
    there 3-4 months and remained fresh. A role of load is in that to help
    of interchange of gases, as though to push carbonic acid which accumulated. Therefore
    it is useful from time to time to take off and again impose a load on heads.

    Но we did not use cunning as though, the best of all a cabbage in the home terms of
    is saved in the pickled kind. The recipe of preparation does not bring, it
    of classic, and in every house it is executed one's own way. But interesting
    nuances are from the age-old Russian book.

    "Notice, that cabbage which will be put to pickle on the lad of
    there is hard and creaks on teeth, and that, who loves soft, let
    pickle it on the last fourth of month.

    А now will talk about the nuances of storage. A choucroute to the townspeople of
    it will be to hold on a balcony or after a window. Unfortunately, then it is good only
    to the first nippings frosts. It can be eaten and after, but only constantly
    lodging to itself, that it is very useful. For a maintainance delicious pickled
    cabbage during all winter all the same the very desired cellar or
    even termocloset on a balcony.

    ANCIENT VITAL WISDOMS "On the epiphase of cabbage lay
    linen, moistened in vodka or even in an alcohol, which guards
    cabbage from development of rot, mould and worms. In every two weeks of
    a rag is washed, again moisten in vodka and lay back". Dear
    recipe, but and cabbage presently road...

    it is "Needed in autumn to tear up the heads of cabbage in a root, to bandage the rope of
    every head so that one other did not touch, and to hang up in the pig of
    as possible higher. Thus a cabbage is saved to Christmas.
    follows from time to time to tear away turning yellow leaves and in fine weather of
    to ventilate a cellar".

    TOMATOES collected in autumn, saved in dark
    dry place, викладені in one layer by peduncles up. To greenery of
    tomatoes which did not have time to ripen on your garden-plot of
    conclude in flat wooden boxes and hold on the floor, where
    more cold and more darker. A temperature must be plus.
    is considered that neighbourhood of 2-3 of red tomatoes aceleration by turning of
    red last.

    А talk yet, that such tomatoes can be observed up to New Year of
    if to take away the healthiest to greenery garden-stuffs, to wrap up each in a paper and
    to conclude in a box which covers a straw or paper of
    torn on pieces by peduncles up. To keep in darkness at a temperature plus of 11-13°С of
    while will not turn red.

    FRESH CUCUMBERS. For their maintainance quite a bit tricks are thought of in the fresh type of
    , although, if honestly, lightly salted, salt or
    pickled they are far more delicious. And anxieties with a maintainance less than. But one time
    the problem of fresh cucumbers flusters someone, will transfer all known and
    not popular methods of their maintainance.

    Assured shelf-life of fresh cucumbers - not more than three days.
    But if long hotbed cucumbers with survivor peduncles to put
    like a bouquet in tableware with water by tails downward and daily to change
    water, then such "bouquet" can be saved many days.
    And here yet method to protect cucumbers from withering. They are carefully washed by
    by the boiled water, wipe and coat an egg-white, that
    appeared impenetrable for moisture tape. Unlike
    polyethylene, this tape allows to the garden-stuffs to breathe, that is why they not bad
    is saved without a refrigerator in a cool dark place. Especially if
    to hold them suspended for peduncles.

    water, then such "bouquet" can be saved many days.
    And here yet method to protect cucumbers from withering. They are carefully washed by
    by the boiled water, wipe and coat an egg-white, that
    appeared impenetrable for moisture tape. Unlike
    polyethylene, this tape allows to the garden-stuffs to breathe, that is why they not bad
    is saved without a refrigerator in a cool dark place. Especially if
    to hold them suspended for peduncles.

    FROM of AGE-OLD TRICKS offer to your attention a recipe from a magazine "villager":


    "На earth which fertilizes, planting is needed before cabbage and cucumber
    of seed. And when on cucumbers an ovary will begin to appear, it follows to put it
    together with a whip in cabbage forks which begin, between leaves; then they
    will grow together with a cabbage. Ripening forks, завив them in
    interior, will save cucumbers from a damage so long, that if these
    of fork to keep in a pig and cut in January, then and then the cucumbers of
    can be drawn out from the cabbage wrapping quite yet fresh and green, as
    as though here this very minute taken off from a bed".

    To of our days reached method which is used by some rural
    habitants: wooden small cask, gap-filling fresh cucumbers, in autumn
    drop with a load on the bottom of non-freezing reservoir with running water of
    (for example, on the overfall of the little river). In winter and even to spring reach
    them in the best kind.

    Но all of it, as an age-old author wrote, "for the unique curiosity", and
    not of necessity. And to satisfy such curiosity very trouble.

    And here the most accessible recipe from age-old:

    "To put cucumbers in a pot a bit vinegar is poured in which, and so
    , that they vinegar did not touch, and a pot densely to close, so in every
    time of year cucumbers are fresh will have".

    Так that make attempt on the bottom of non-metal or enameled tableware of
    pour a bit vinegar, and from above to insert some to play. On it
    under the densely closed lid indeed can
    lasted enough saved fresh cucumbers in a favourable gas environment.

    If with salt cucumbers trouble happened and they got mouldy
    yet not all is lost far. It is needed carefully to wash cucumbers from mould and
    to translate in clean tableware. To cook a new brine: on 1L of water 2
    soupspoons of salt plus the tea-spoon of saccharine sand. Slightly chilling
    to add the soupspoon of vinegar and inundate sufferings Gs cucumbers. To hold
    in a cool place in the closed tableware ; (it is possible in a refrigerator).

    Cucumbers will become even more delicious, than were.

    APPLES is storable strong and fresh, if to wipe their rag, moistened by glycerin. They will not so quickly wither.

    And if to hold for some time them in pink solution of марганцевокислого potassium, it will protect them from putrid bacteria.

    Apples, appointed to storage in a pig, it is useful to wrap up each separately in a soft paper.

    And in any case before packing and book-mark on storage of apple
    is needed preliminary a bit to chill, otherwise in the first clock of storage they will be
    actively to give moisture to near-by more cold objects after the laws of
    of condensation.

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