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    Fruit sleeps
    To see garden-stuffs which ripen among leaves in sleep, usually foresees the prosperous future. To greenery garden-stuffs are meant by waste efforts and irreflective acts. If a young woman in sleep eats a fruit is portends it ethics falling and loss of inheritance. There are in sleep garden-stuffs - unfavorable sleep. To buy or sell garden-stuffs - means large, but not remunerative operations. To see or there is a ripening fruit - promises unreliable success and satisfaction to you.
    If ripe fruit dreamed you on a background green leaves, then the future is appointed brilliantly you. To see immature fruit means that Your hour did not yet break through. For a young woman sleep in which it eats immature garden-stuffs means that it risks to lose an inheritance from the amoral conduct. There are fruit - usually is a bad sign. To see or there are ripe fruit - means the indefinite future and doubtful satisfactions. To trade in fruit is a sign of морочливої, but unprofitable business. To see in sleep a fruiterer means that not in one's dreams, aiming quickly to remedy the businesses, you will do unprofitable operations.

    to See in sleep water-melon is a favourable sign. If in sleep you see water-melons, growings on a water-melon, then in the real life you labour for everything own labour and mind. There is a ripe saccharine water-melon - to success. All, that it was expended by you in gaining end, will go back to you hundredfold. If dreamed you, that you bought a water-melon, then not in one's dreams you are expected by a large income or inheritance.

    To see in sleep melons - illness and unhappy ventures means in business. It is them - means that irreflective actions will become reason of Your disturbance. To see them growings in a vegetable garden - means that Your troubles will turn around in the future good success. To see melons - unfavorable sign in sleep. After such sleep possible worsening of feel. If in sleep you eat a melon, then not in one's dreams you risk to do an irreflective act about which will very regret afterwards. Sleep in which you see a melon on a water-melon means that a light stripe begins in Your life.

    Apricot gardens mean in Your sleeps, that Your future, though appears to you in pink tones, however contains the hidden sorrow.
    Is in sleep apricots - means approaching of unpleasant events. If other eat them, then Your surroundings in the real life will not answer Your inclinations. A friend will say so: «Apricots mean that you dissipate time on foolishness». Your surroundings in the real life will not answer Your inclinations. A friend will say so: «Apricots mean that you dissipate time on foolishness». To see in sleep apricot trees means that you feed illusions. Your future, though seen to you in a pink color, can appear not such already cloudless. There are in sleep apricots means that you can get under bad influence. If other eat apricots, then you test dissatisfaction from socializing with those people which surround you.

    to See in sleep, that you eat pear, portends not very much successful businesses and weakening of health. To carry with gold garden-stuffs on a wonderful tree - means that a fate will open promising prospects to you. To see collection of ripe pears in sleep - means pleasant surprises which will follow on some disappointment. To can pears - means that you philosophically behave to ups and downs. To dry pears - means boring and colourless love and friendship. If in sleep you eat a pear, then success in businesses, which you so expected on, will appear not so considerable.Sleep, in which you in a delight from a ripe goldish pear which hangs on a beautiful tree, means that a fate will be to you favourable.To collect pears means that after disappointment which understood you, gladness will follow necessarily.If you make a fruit compote out of pears, then not in one's dreams you will find in itself forces to perceive vital confusions philosophically.To bake or dry pears means that Your fate will be boring friendship and fresh love.

    is Seen in sleep apple is a favourable sign.Red apples in a green letter - to success and prosperity.Ripe apples mean on a tree, that came time for active actions. However if you see the one-unique apple on a top, thoughtful, whether Your projects are real. Apples which fallen down on earth symbolize flatteries of erroneous friends. Rotten apples are character of unavailing attempts. There are rotten or wormy apples - to the failures.

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