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    HERBICIDES are chemical preparations (or their compositions), in-use for a fight against an undesirable vegetation. On character of operating on plants herbicides are divided by two basic groups: continuous, such which operate on all types of plants, and selective (selective), shocking only one types of plants and relatively safe for other. Such division, certainly, de bene esse, as the same matters depending on common concentrations and norms of expense on unit of the processed area can prove and as continuous, and as selective preparations.
    On all herbicides are divided the external signs of operating on plants and methods of the use by three sub-groups: herbicides of contact action, herbicides of system action and herbicides which operate on the rootage of plants or germinating seed.

        * Matters which stun leaves and stems of plants at their direct contact with preparation behave to herbicides of contact action. Thus there is violation of normal processes of vital functions of plant and it perishes. However at the use of contact herbicides quite often there is the subsequent growing of new escapes.
        * Matters, capable to move on the vascular system of plants, behave to herbicides of system action. Such preparations, getting on leaves and root of plant, quickly spread on all plant, pointing to his death. The use of preparations of system action is special valuably in a fight against weeds with a powerful rootage and shivy perennials.
        * The third group is made by herbicides, which bring in soil for elimination of seed, germinating seed and root of shivy plants.

    В dependences on character of action of preparation herbicides bring in for a fight against an undesirable vegetation in followings periods:

        * to sowing of cultures
        * east shivy plants
        * east cultural plants
        * after east of cultural plants
        * in different periods of vegetation.

    I will lead below description of the most widespread herbicides:
    PUMA SUPER 75 and PUMA SUPER 100

        * Spectrum of weed-killing activity: Oat, kinds; Millet hairove; Millet of ruderal the field; Millet, kinds; Lisokhvost of mousetailers; Trava, kinds; Chicken millet; Metlitsa ordinary; Myatlik one-year; Bristlegrass, kinds; Corn, windfall.
        * Range of terms of action: possibility of leadthrough of treatments is both on the early phases of development of shivy plants and culture, and later, in the case of unfavorable terms, or unevenness of east of weeds. Used on vegetans weeds, beginning from the phase of 2th leaves to the end of bushing out, regardless of the stage of development of culture.
        * Preparation of working solution: Working solution prepares directly before sprinkling. Measure off the necessary amount of preparation on one priming of sprinkler. Tank sprinkler approximately on a half by water, then add a measuring off amount to herbicide. At the included mixer of sprinkler take working solution to necessary solution water. A container which was freed is rinsed once or twice by water and outpour content in the tank of sprinkler. Working solution and priming to them of sprinkler is conducted on the special grounds.
        * Optimum parameters are for the surface use: Size of drops: 250 - 350 microns; closeness: 40 - 50 drop/kv.sm.; Nebulizers: 80 or 110 crack nebulizers through 50 see one from other; Pressure: 2,8 - 3,16 km/sm (2,75 - 3,1); Rate of movement of 6 - 8 km/h; Height of barbell: 50 - 75 see is depending on the corner. sprayers.
    SECATEUR, high-selective herbicide is for a fight against weeds of dicotyledons in sowing grain-growing, corn, flax of long-stalk flax.
    Spectrum actions: bodak the field; a sonchus is the field; pidmarennuk is tenacious; chirica is neglected; grachishka Tatar; camomiles, kinds; mustard is the field; gulavik medical; a goose-foot is white; a highlander is a bindweed; highlanders, kinds; latyk latyk-milks, Tatar; pupovka, kinds; shepherd bag; a pennycress is the field; ambrosia of polinelistaia; deskyrainia Sofii; pikylki, kinds; goose-foot, kinds; kyrai ordinary; a radish is wild; a pinteed is middle; a forget-me-not is the field.
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